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Koi wa I na Mono Myou na Mono


From Cidsa's Scanlations

On the first day of school, Tamura Masafumi sees Seiwa Narumi and immediately passes out.

It is discovered that when Tamura was a kid he had psychic dreams and could predict many events.

He thought they had all disappeared but at the beginning of Junior High he has another one, and it shows him having sex with another man!

Tamura refuses to become gay and swears to prevent it. When he sees Seiwa, he realizes that this is the other man in his (now frequent) dreams!

So Tamura treats Seiwa quite badly in hopes that he will leave him alone, however, Seiwa has other plans. What will happen between these two?

There are several side stories in the anthology Aruji no Oose no Mama ni.


This manga is belongs to Taishi Zaou, my favorite yaoi author!! I'm sure you will laugh loudly when you read it, especially the part when they want to have sex, Seiwa asked innocently "Masafumi, where are your senstive spot?" Seiwa is too innocent as seme, but he quite lustful and cute!! XD

No explisit sex scene in this tankoubon, but Taishi Zaou draw some sex scene on Koiha Ina Mono Mouna Mono side stories in Aruji no Oose no Mama ni's tankoubon

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[From Attractive Fascinate]
Kazushi, an elite, met Harutomo, a cleaner whose dream is to become a chef. Because Harutomo has always been treasuring the change in seasons, after falling in love with him, Kazushi started to treasure the changes too. He found his world started to fill with colors and he finally understood the happiness of “giving”.

Comments: This manga is belongs to Fujitani Youko. I really, really like this manga!! It has a sweet story and the artwork is good. You can feel four season of 'work couple' love story. The lemon scenes isn't too explicit, so the rated is safe. Moreover, Harutomo is a cute seme i ever seen, he's so childish and cheerful, but sometimes he put his lonely face....that makes me touched.. .Try read it on http://manga.animea.net/aishiteru-fujitani-youko-.html

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Sakamoto Gakari


Having been dumped ruthlessly by the girl of his dream, Okita Haruto decides that he has had his share of women now. Throwing away his fantasy of going to the same high school with his (future) girlfriend, he enrolls into an all-boys dormitary high school. He thought by going to an all-boys school he could have all the time and peace of mind to focus his study. He's tremendously, horribly, pathetically....wrong
Comments: This manga is belongs to Watanabe Yoshitomo. About a boy who school at all-boys school dormitory, and he has a troublesome roommate....This manga is full comedy, you will laugh when you find Okita and his cute roommate do something funny! Read it on: http://www.mangafox.com/manga/sakamoto_gakari/

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Kiss in Darkness


Boy blames himself for his childhood friend's fear of the dark, but he's afraid that his friend will never talk to him again if he admits to his crime.

Comments: This manga is belongs to Tsuge Amayo. It has a sweet story, about a boy named Atsushi who made his friend fear of the dark. But his friend tell that he loves Atsushi even though Atsushi had made he fear of the dark....how a sweet story...read it on: http://www.mangafox.com/manga/kiss_in_darkness/

Adam no Junjou


Hema is a shy high-schooler who happens to be gay, and in love with a popular and handsome guy, Lilian! A while later, Lilian befriends Hema, having found out that Hema is gay, and admits that he too is gay, and has the same feelings for Hema! Yet all Lilian does is have sex with Hema, causing Hema to feel insecure, will this relationship work out, or will Hema's, and Lilian's heart fall apart?

-Basement Leisure-

Comments: This manga is belongs to Yuma Satoru. Why i like it? The characters is totally MOE!! I love it very much! Also, the interesting plot and cute fanservices appeared on it....plus, you will find a lemon scene on first page! It have a good story, after all. Try to read it on: