Rabu, 03 Juni 2009

Adam no Junjou


Hema is a shy high-schooler who happens to be gay, and in love with a popular and handsome guy, Lilian! A while later, Lilian befriends Hema, having found out that Hema is gay, and admits that he too is gay, and has the same feelings for Hema! Yet all Lilian does is have sex with Hema, causing Hema to feel insecure, will this relationship work out, or will Hema's, and Lilian's heart fall apart?

-Basement Leisure-

Comments: This manga is belongs to Yuma Satoru. Why i like it? The characters is totally MOE!! I love it very much! Also, the interesting plot and cute fanservices appeared on it....plus, you will find a lemon scene on first page! It have a good story, after all. Try to read it on:

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